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Firmware update : check the new features of Smilio Action

The whole team is very happy to announce the release of the new Smilio Action firmware. This major release includes exclusive features and improvements.

New features

  • Code mode: you can now enter and transmit a code (maximum 6 digits). These codes can be confirmed by magnetic badge or sent without confirmation, after a configurable period of time. Thus, with a single Smilio Action box, you can send dozens of different requests, or identify a team member on site.
  • Redundancy: the code mode also allows you to transmit the code entered previously, so you can trace the history in case of missed radio frame by Sigfox or LoRa networks.
  • Pulse mode: you can implement Proofs of Concept with Smilio Action without having to store the states of the counters in order to calculate the increments. This mode is not recommended in production. However, it is perfect to build demonstrators in minutes with tools like Node-Red.

Functional improvements

  • Reinforcement of configuration frame validation mechanisms received by Downlink: in some cases, Smilio Action could crash when attempting to join the network with incorrectly configured downlinks.
  • Optimization of timers and LED for extended operation time without changing the battery.
  • Extended compatibility with some private LoRaWAN Networks Servers.

This new firmware will be implemented on all Smilio Action delivered after September 15th. Customers already equipped can contact us to know the modalities of update.

Last update: 07/09/2018 14:25
Author: Jérôme Chambard

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