I just received my Smilio Action. Where can I get my data ?

Jérôme Chambard
15/07/2018 11:43

It depends on how you bought your Smilio Action.

If you bought the product without any service

You must subscribe to a LPWAN operator. It can be Sigfox, or any LoRaWan ready network (Orange in France, Machine-Q in the US, etc.). You will have to provision your device with the PAC code (Sigfox) or with the provided keys / id (LoRaWan).

Alternatively, you can use your own private LoRaWAN network. To make your connected buttons work, you need to provision the device on your Network Server (Orbiwise, Actility, TTN, etc.)

If you bought the product with the api service

We push the data directly to the endpoint that you gave us at the order.

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