FAQ Glossary
In LoRaWAN, the Adaptative Data Rate is capable of setting the optimal Spreading Factor from the network server.
A downlink message is a radio transmission from the gateway to the device. In LPWAN, it is limited to a few message per day, in order to respect the Duty Cycle constraints.
duty cycle
Everywhere in the world, the LPWAN regulations impose a limited time on air for each device. This is called the "duty cycle" of the device.
A radio frame is a raw message sent to the network. A frame has to be decrypted and decoded to be used.
Helium is a LoRaWAN network operated by people. Each gateway owner can mine HNT, a dedicated crypto-currency, while covering an area.
LoRaWan is a radio protocol dedicated to object communication, under ISM bands. LoRaWan is widely used by operators all around the world.
Low-Power Wide Area Networks are communication networks dedicated to IoT (Internet Of Thing). They use unlicensed radio bands to transfer data.
Received Signal Strength Indicator
Sigfox is an international LPWAN network, based on Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) technology.
TTN (The Things Network) is an hybrid public/private LoRaWAN network relying on a large user community.