How to send the configuration downlink to a device connected to Helium?

Jérôme Chambard
24/02/2022 07:17

When you build a configuration downlink with the Skiply configurator tool, you get a payload that looks like: 0510901E05010005

To send this downlink directly to a device connected to Helium network from your Helium console, you first need to convert this hexadecimal payload into a Base64 string.

To do that, you can use this tool:

In our example, 0510901E05010005 (in hexa) will become BRCQHgUBAAU= (Base64).

Then, enter this payload into the downlink tool in the console:

send a downlink with the helium console

Be very carreful to enter PORT 2.

After adding the downlink to the Queue, you have to wait for the device to send a data frame. If the configuration changes, the device will reboot and join again to clear past configuration.

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