What is the Ubiqod platform? Can I use it with my IoT devices?

Jérôme Chambard
30/01/2021 17:37

Ubiqod is a traceability platform.

With Ubiqod, you can connect any Skiply device, but also QR codes (static and dynamic) to third party systems likes monday.com, Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier or Google Sheet.

Ubiqod is a self-service platform, which means that you can open a free account and test it by yourself without the need to contact us. A button simulator is included in order to let you test the system without having to deal with the constrainst of real buttons.

If you need to plug your buttons to the platform, you will have to contact your Skiply reseller.

Ubiqod is suitable for users looking for nocode system to build their own App with connected buttons or QR codes.

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