How to configure data routing to Skiply servers

09/10/2020 12:09

In the case you manage your devices network connection and you want to push back data to our servers  to access our services, it is necessary to configure a callback of data from your operator to our servers.  

The configuration is done from your operator backend, by declaring/registering the routing endpoint to our servers (HTTP POST request).

NB: If you manage different types of devices on your backend, please configure your routing so that only data from Skiply devices is sent to our servers!  

According to your operator:

  • Live Object: Data menu, then Routing. Use “Message filters” to limit data routing to Skiply device
  • Objenious: Connection menu, then Routing scenarios and click on “Create a new scenario”. Use Groups to limit data routing to Skiply devices
  • Sigfox: use the device types and the configuration of their “Callback”
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