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Skiply API is now compatible with LoRaWAN Helium network

With the Skiply API, users of Skiply connected buttons can use various networks while having always the same payload and API.

Today we had Helium to the available networks. 

Helium is a collaborative LoRaWAN network operating more than 500 000 gateways around the world, especially in the US.

More information: Connected buttons for Helium
24/02/2022 06:54

New Ubiqod platform: connect your IoT devices with third party systems

The new Ubiqod platform lets you connect your IoT buttons to third party systems like Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier or Google Sheet.

More information: Ubiqod platform
30/01/2021 18:06

New API feature: retry after endpoint error

In order to have a common way of managing endpoint errors when the system pushes data, a new retry mechanism has been implemented.

The Push API will send data to the endpoint defined in the group configuration, and wait for a 200 code in return. If the system doesn't receive a 200 response, a new try will be done after 60 seconds. If the retry fails, an error is logged with the missed data and error code returned.

More information: Skiply Push API specifications
03/06/2019 11:21

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